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Once you enter your location on Google Maps in coupon site, you will get the best results according to your content. 1956) The Westley Richards "Highest Possible" (non-concentric) Air Pistol (c. 1907 to c. 1915) by Edwin Anson; Rifles. Active Consent is not a condition of purchase. We as well as others strived in the mid 90's to present . Here for all your air gun supplies. CLOSED DOWN. : $45.00: Sale: $35.00: Monolith Relacement Springs - To Close Out. 90249 We look forward to returning utility and performance to your airgun! Of course with these numbers you can guess that Diana used this sequence on other models in its range. Email: questions@jgairguns.biz We appreciate it. If you order within the UK and & do not select a dealers delivery address the barrelWILLbe cut so it can be shipped and will arrive as such. How To Remove/Change The Spring And Washer OF Air Rifle/ Air Gun Diana .22 Model 35 Stany Sebastian 4.36K subscribers Subscribe 2.4K Share Save 342K views 2 years ago How To Remove The. Call before shipping. Diana model 23. When you enter the location of air rifle repair shops, we'll show you the best results with shortest distance, high score or maximum search volume. General repair includes all seals, valve springs and oil. - Write a review $263.99 $299.99 Ex Tax: $263.99 In Stock Model: rws2166160 Weight: 1.00kg SKU: rws2166160 CHOOSE Add to Cart Description Specifications Reviews The most popular rifle sold by RWS, this German rifle will keep you shooting accurately and powerfully for decades. Best source for repair and parts. or an orange flash hider to avoid the guns being mistaken for firearms. ", htps://www.vintageairgunsgallery.com/images/2018/08/28/53a92d5770ef6eff933926e2717ea3b8.jpg, Latest Post: Harper Classic Wolf Our newest member: Fishermen0105 We have many spare parts that are not yet online. Sales : (937) 660-9152 On both stocks the plastic cover on the base of the grips hides the strengthener that has been inserted. I just got back in from by backyard range and it shoots great. Find out more. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The mature product portfolio and good repair service have made Diana a brand name worldwide since 1890. The problem is with the cocking linkage in that it uses double cogs and a toothed ratchet and once it has been started on the cocking stroke, it must be completed. 200 S. Broadway And because Google Maps reroutes based on real-time traffic, drivers can complete trips faster and get more rides in. On both stocks the plastic cover on the base of the grips hides the strengthener that has been inserted. Magazine Capacity 0. Diana Air Rifle Piston Seal Model 31-46 and 350 (DI30236600) $29 00. If you need replacement parts for your Crosman, Daisy, or Benjamin / Sheridan, please send us a request from our custom order page. looks like an easy part . Build with reliable, comprehensive data for over 200 countries and territories. RWS/Diana Air Rifles - Welcome to the #1 Top-Rated Air Gun Superstore in the USA! Thanks, will have to call him, but Sniper may be able to help out also, would need a phone #, the gun was from the states, I got it from a member here on the forum NIB, and well that mess with sending it to a tuner AB3 , big mistake. A set of sight riser blocks was also offered as an accessory. Terms of Use | T06 trigger. RWS .22 cal Shooters Kit- Includes Cleaning Kit, Pellets & Targets! Diana Model-10 pistol manual (German). 2020 Signal316.com Contact Usvar _rwObsfuscatedHref0 = "mai";var _rwObsfuscatedHref1 = "lto";var _rwObsfuscatedHref2 = ":si";var _rwObsfuscatedHref3 = "gna";var _rwObsfuscatedHref4 = "l31";var _rwObsfuscatedHref5 = "6in";var _rwObsfuscatedHref6 = "c@g";var _rwObsfuscatedHref7 = "mai";var _rwObsfuscatedHref8 = "l.c";var _rwObsfuscatedHref9 = "om";var _rwObsfuscatedHref = _rwObsfuscatedHref0+_rwObsfuscatedHref1+_rwObsfuscatedHref2+_rwObsfuscatedHref3+_rwObsfuscatedHref4+_rwObsfuscatedHref5+_rwObsfuscatedHref6+_rwObsfuscatedHref7+_rwObsfuscatedHref8+_rwObsfuscatedHref9; document.getElementById("rw_email_contact").href = _rwObsfuscatedHref. Only use the proper ammunition Proper ammunition is defined as ammunition of the right caliber and consistency as to fit properly in the breach. AIR VENTURI toll-free at 888-256-3253 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This latest gun has me going gaga. Instead of having to switch back and forth between apps, drivers efficiently control their queue and see passenger info all in one place, making it easier to manage rides and get to where theyre going. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. We have many spare parts that are not yet online. Loudness 3-Medium. Experience the fascination and aesthetics of powerful airguns as well as our extensive range of accessories in the new DIANA catalogue. Our experts also offer exclusive 10-for-$10 Test and 20-for-$20 Service, 5.00 By clicking continue you confirm you are over 18 years of age. Perhaps Sniper can verify, but to my knowledge, Peter Krause, at international imports, in Toronto, either is an "authorized" repair person for Diana airguns or he is at least, the next best option. American Built. View Service Info, Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected Tuning. 92649 Posts: 5482. so I recently acquired this sweet Hy-Score model 810 that's basically a Diana model 60. for those not familiar with this target springer its pretty much totally recoil-less yes! Does anyone have a recommendation for repairing a Diana Mod 6M air pistol? Private Any transactions with persons listed on this page is solely the responsibility of the reader. Brand names are Benjamin, Diana, FX, Hatsan, Weihrauch Rifles, Don't forget the Accessories, Pellets, Scopes,Targets & Tanks. * By providing your number above, you agree to receive recurring autodialed marketing text msgs (e.g. Privacy Policy | Submit a custom seal kit request. also an Expedited Service option that provides a 10 working days (2 weeks) turnaround. Diana 350 Magnum Air Rifle Features. Phone: 828-294-2468 Diana Airgun Models Airgunspares.com is a live website, all items displayed as "In Stock" are physically available. Msg frequency may vary. Shooting them causes that lubrication to circulate around all the internals and helps keep things working properly. Never put combustibles in the compression chamber Yes, I know I already mentioned thisbut its that important. im sure if i can see it i'll know. From the main menu at the top of this page: Airgun Repair >> Seal Kits Available Online. Not designed for the faint-hearted, the Diana RWS 48 air rifle is an impressive gun. If the accuracy starts to decrease and youve already checked all the screws and they are tight, then you may want to try cleaning the barrel. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. An authorized Crosman Repair Center, Archer Airguns specialises in servicing Benjamin Discovery, Email: tim@mac1airgun.com Tuning a Weihrauch HW77K air rifle at home - Part 1; . Fletcherss book The St.Louis and Benjamin Air Rifle Cos places my rifle as a 1949 or 1950 model as these years were the only time the gun was offered for $16.65 as is written on the end of the gun box that I have. Get FREE shipping on qualifying orders! Spare part: RWS screw 34/36/38/45T01 for mod. Diana RWS 34 is a superior airgun that offers consistency and reliability in pellet shooting. We are located near Bloomville, OH. 89% agree - Would recommend. Repairs & Services for: Daisy, Crosman (including older models), Pre-WW2 Diana air rifles. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. Please select your Diana airgun from the list below in order to display all relevant spare parts that we have available. Website: www.mac1airgun.com PO Box 830, We have full machine shop capability to handle more complicated repairs, and can, in some cases, fabricate parts that are not available from other sources. 5.00 M283/7 - Scope recoil arrester block goes on to serrated ramp. This will create massive amounts of stress on the seal and power plant. cart reminders) to the mobile number used at opt-in from Pyramyd Air on 91256. It has both the Diana Luft-Gewehr barrel stamp and an early version of the Diana goddess logo, but no model number. Thanks to John for these pics. $8.00 Used. Individuals are welcome to order over the telephone, 479-646-4210 ext 7. To keep your .177 and .22 caliber pellet rifles in tip-top shape consider an RWS Cleaning Kit. If you don't see your model displayed here it is recommended that you send an email to enquiries@airgunspares.com, as we may still be able to find what you need. Only show this user. We've got you covered! Dekalb C A R E. Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems Air Conditioning Service & Repair Furnaces-Heating. Airgun Service and Repair of most foreign and domestic airguns, will receive the option for free ground shipping on items sold & shipped by Pyramyd Air during checkout. Email: kifa1@attbi.com We have access to a broad array of domestic and imported BB gun, pellet gun and airgun parts to service airguns from all over the world. Air Arms, Air Venturi, Crosman, Diana, Seneca, and Weihrauch airguns. Reply Quote Garvin (@garvin) Curator in Chief Admin Joined: 5 years ago Posts: 6606 Topic starter 19th December 2017 20:30 Diana/Original Model-6 stripdown. (931) 924-3489 Email: pilkguns@InfoAve.Net First and foremost, if your airgun outlines specific maintenance instructions, then I would recommend that you follow them as prescribed. Gunsmith Tuning Spring Assortment- 15 springs. Please be aware that this item is only available via Click & Collect due to postal restrictions. Thank you to our advertisers! 51. We offer airgun cleaning and air gun maintenance equipment including cleaning kits, felt pellets, replacement parts and oil like RWS Spring Cylinder oil and RWS Chamber Lube. Service or repairs of airguns usually takes between 2-7 working days. Baker Airguns By clicking continue, you acknowledge thatyou understand and accept these terms and conditions. How to open up your air rifle to service it or replace parts In 2020, Google Maps was used by over 1 billion people every month. With thanks to Mark D for these excellent pics and information. In this article Ill attempt to bring a little clarity to the subject as best I can. Exclusive U.S. supplier and installer of Theoben Gas Rams. They built it, they should know how to resolve issues that come up. Email me when available. There was also a left handed stock option,but I have never seen a left handed action. Table of Contents [ show] Text JOIN to 91256 and get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Order. but we will move forward and have it back to factory specs, I hope anway. By clicking Continue you confirm that you understand andagree to these terms &conditions. They are a little heavier and will travel flat and hit hard. Online Accessibility. Refinished wood will look refinished. He should either have the parts needed on hand, or be able to obtain them. Thank you again for completing a repair as promised. Archer Airguns Inc. You mustthensend your Shotguns / Firearms license to us so that we can fill in all thenecessary information. 2-stage adjustable metal T06 match trigger. There are many things that you can do to keep your spring and/or gas ram powered airgun running at peak performance. All our gaugesare tested by us before shipping, be aware that we do not accept any returns on this item due to having them swapped by customers in the past and returned for refund.By clicking continue,you agree that we offer no returns/refunds. I have in my collection both examples and have compared them to see what difference there are. some fit tight and some very loose, then discontinue using those pellets as the loose pellets may act like a dry fire and prematurely wear out your airgun, blowing seals and breaking power plants. View Shipping Restrictions, We have a team of expert technicians and a complete repair shop that are able to service a large variety of brands/models of airguns. Plinker; Posts: 129; yes; Re: RWS Repair Reply #8 on: February 05, 2012, 12:49:04 AM . The mature product portfolio and good repair service have made Diana a brand name worldwide since 1890. You can find out more about how we use them in the privacy policy. By clicking 'Continue' you confirm you understand these Terms & Conditions. Logged Northwoods. A set of sight riser blocks was also offered as an accessory. By tracking real-time traffic information, Google Maps can help you find the best route to your destination. To arrange the repair or service of your airgun simply contact the store on 0161 485 1199 to book your air rifle or air pistol in. Upon checkout, please enter your nominated dealer's details into the delivery address section. This page contains contact information for many airgun service & repair Leather piston cup seal and leather spacer. The later version had an exposed stainless steel cylinder whereas on the Mk1 the cylinder was hidden by a blued steel sleeve. You need to register before you can post: click the register link to proceed. We Sell High Quality Air Rifles & Air Gun Supplies. The Mk1 serial numbers I have seen are 1826, 2559B, 3277. He says of this rifle: "This one is fitted with a Walther 'tunnel' rear sight with an Anschutz aperture/filter unit, and a variable iris front sight, making for a really nice 10m set up.". DIANA PRODUCTS DIANA SERVICES DIANA DIANA DEALERS Its often stated that the rifle is overly complicated and can suffer with problems with the cocking linkage. There are lots of discussions about airguns, airgun accessories, reviews, modification and repair information, airgun events, field target and free classifieds!. DIANA air rifles and air pistols of highest precision and performance. View unanswered posts | View active topics, Board index Main Forum Mods and Repair. The stock on the Mk2 has no cut out for the sleeve of the Mk1 cylinder.A Mk2 action will fit a Mk1 stock, but not the other way round without modification. I am not sure when the MK2 version was introduced but I have seen MK2 serial numbers 4805,4875 and 5490. 3. By clicking Continue, you agree to these Terms & Conditions. The stocks and actions are the same size. Mac-1 Airgun Distributors JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Easy handling and fast reloading offer even more fun in air rifle sports. Custom made piston and breech seals to suit any application . When you have finished shopping click on your Cart, enter your contact details, select your shipping method, select your payment method, click on . Welcome, Guest. Barrel Length 17.00. They also service QB78-type CO2 airguns including The first pattern had a blued steel sleeve over the stainless steel cylinder. 206-495-0764 Thank you for your communication and expertise. The best thing you can do is go shooting All guns come with some sort of factory lubrication. Home of Recall Details Description: This recall involves the DIANA Stormrider Gen 2 Air Rifle with 2-stage adjustable trigger. The cost of repair is very reasonable, but depends on the model of your airgun, plus return shipping which is usually around $20 in the U.S. Diana RWS 34 Based on 10 reviews. Diana Airguns AIR Chaser Pistol 22 19200105 Flat Rate Shipping Guaranteed. Give your drivers seamless experiences by integrating turn-by-turn navigation powered by Google Maps right into your app. READ OUR LATEST ARTICLES. We do our best to get the airgun looking nice again, but it will not look like it was when it was new. The listing of dealer on this page is in no way to be considered an i have some under levers but not like that . Well thats a good question. For Parts: Our customer service team can help determine the best course of action and provide you with some options in the event you're interested in a return. Jerry, Thanks, I will post feedback as well, this is a great little air gun, had one just like it in my youth, but when I went off to college, my brother, cut off the stock, so he could be like the rifleman. Pneumatic Engineering Additionally, we are a factory-authorized repair/warranty station for popular brands such as Please be sure Contact Us before sending your airgun to be sure we repair that make and model to avoid unnecessary shipping cost. Bring the real world to your users with customized maps and street view imagery. Keep your guns and family safe. Its no fun to get out on the range or in the field to find your point of impact wandering all over the target. And because Google Maps reroutes based on real-time traffic, drivers can complete trips faster and get more rides in. Spare part: RWS Spring Stay Pin for model 10 that's what i . The part is heavy , and has a rough cast finish to it. Yes, that first rifle you mention is an Air Arms gun, the second rifle was made by Diana (M&G) and marketed in the US by RWS who have ceased trading. If you live in a state or city where air guns are treated as firearms you may be able to take advantage of our FFL special program. Doing so will cause an explosion when the gun is fired, increasing the pressure and heat well above the tolerance level of the components. Model number 30170900. Any order $150+ with a shipping address in the contiguous US JG Airguns, LLC You'll be able to add these services as you place . To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Fixed blade front sight. We use cookies to make your experience better.To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies.Learn more. The original item MUSTbe sent to us by recorded delivery.If you do not have the old part or do not want to send it to us then the order will have to be sent to a Registered Firearms Dealer with whom you MUST make arrangements to accept this part on your behalf. Den: Re: Airgun Repair, Dept of Shameless Self Promotion airguns; Paragon and Prometheous pellets; new and used airguns; books; and a host of other products and services. If you try and close it half way through the stroke, you will, if you use force strip the teeth off the cogs and thats game over. 2995N 1050E On the MK1 there is a blued sleeve over the stainless compression lever that must be pulled back about 6mm to release the lever. Kind regards, K, Got the vintage Model 25 Daisy in the mail today. Request A Quote. This will bring up a complete list of parts that we have for your model. If you are outside the UK, please click Cancel. I havent looked yet to see if you replaced the original leather pump seal but it shoots great and doesnt require cocking it to pump it as is the norm. 3. The lever was apparently beefed up for the second pattern to deal with this weakness. When you build on the same infrastructure that serves billions of Google Maps users, you can count on a platform that will scale and flex as you do. Mahalo again for a great job!!! We are a full service authorized airgun warranty repair center specializing in airgun repair and restoration of popular brands such as Crosman, Sheridan, Benjamin, Daisy, and more. Box to Bench with the Diana 48 in .177 - A side-lever, spring powered air rifle from Germany Wisconsin AirGunners 2.2K views 2 months ago Industrial rat shoot with air rifles Fieldsports. Built with beautifully crafted German engineering, this gun stands out both in performance and presence. This is a topic that comes up very often. We do not display every part online. Keeping the rust off I just returned from filming the 2015 Season of American Airgunner in Arkansas. 310 327-0238 (fax) Diana Air Rifle Barrel Seal All Break Barrel (DI30031200) $12 00. and click . View Warranty Details, Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? Diana Mauser K98. {:0 Thanks again, Robert, Hi Dennis, Opened up the package with the old Red Ryder this morning. Never mind traffic jams endorsement by The American Airgun page author, maintainer, or internet provider. See Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. , thanks. Monteagle TN, 37356 Orig. $20.00 . Airgun Repair and Restoration Authorized Warranty Repair Station, Airgun Repair >> Seal Kits Available Online. Sticky As part of the 2006 Violent Crime Reduction Act it is now an offence to sell a knife, Knife making materials or Edge tools to persons under the age of 18 years. You do quality work and I would be more than glad to recommend you. Gardena, CA 90249 Best Regards, MW, I want to thank you for the service you performed on my Daisy 25. Telephone: 585-425-0277 Web Site: http://www.archerairguns.com/airgun-repairs-s/82.htm Email: sales@archerairguns.com An authorized Crosman Repair Center, Archer Airguns specialises in servicing Benjamin Discovery, Marauder and Crosman Challenger PCP air rifles. Email: joekor@uswest.net Authorized service center for Crosman, Benjamin-Sheridan Posts: 5330. We also offer product support & repair, including replacement parts, for Weihrauch, Diana, BSA, Webley, Cometa, and Gamo brand airguns, as well as the Umarex line of airguns that includes Colt, Walther, Smith & Wesson, and Beretta brands . Manufacture of .380 ga. Shotshells for Crosman 1100 Trapmaster, Pilkington Competition Equipment But it seems the tune didnt go too well so why blame some one who never worked on your gun .why not just come clean and admit that you dont know how to tune an airgun ? Email me when available. LEATHER WASHER ONLY WE CANNOT SUPPLY THE METAL BIT IN THE MIDDLE 8.00. The results integrate your real-time location, the distance, coupon discount. Since more than 125 years, the name DIANA has been synonymous with constantly perfected innovation and tradition in classic air gun manufacturing. 1 See here: By Garvin. However, the Diana RWS 34 .22 caliber airgun is among the best of the few options available. PO Box 97 Part number 24 in schematic above, Spare part: RWS Tube Washer for model 2 157. Have no idea why the B is included in the serial number on the rifle shown. Little Trees Ramble JavaScript is disabled. Apache Air Rifle (1947-1949) 4. ET Monday through Friday or online at www.airventuri.com and click on "Recall Notice" for more information.

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